I really got into the story when, he had to go to court and testify because he had to tell the truth and also face the people he robbed the drug store with. Their names were Mr. Evans, Mr King,and Monster. He killed the drug store owner. Steve did not have to be scared of the boys.


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When I find something sad and something funny. Something sad when George W. Carver and his mom got taken away from te farm. Something happy is when he went to school and earned his Bachlors Degree. Another happy thing is when he got an offer from another school where Booker T. Washington was the administrator.Last but not least, Something sad is when he had to come back after he was taken away. These are some happy and sad things i talked about.


A golden line for me is when they say Romeo says “love is a smoke made with the e fume of sighs; Being purged, a fire sparkling in lover’s eyes.” Because he express what he think or what he know what love is.Another Golden line for me is when Benvolio says ”  and if you leave me so, you do me wrong.” why I think this is a golden line for me is because he don’t want Romeo to leave him. Third is when Romeo says “also that love, whose view is muffled still.” because he is saying how is love is still for her. Last but not least Romeo says “O, teach me how to not think or how I should forget.” because he is trying to forget about the lover and the focus on his fiancée. these are some golden lines I like form the play Romeo and Juliet. the love they had for each other but their parents did not like each other so they did not want Romeo and Juliet to go out . but at the end of the play Romeo thought Juliet was dead so he killed his self then Juliet killed her self . the things they did for love .at the end of the play when they were did the family came together.